Amazonite gemstone is also known as the Amazon Stone. This is a light green to light bluish-green color gemstone, with an attractive and soft color that can closely resemble that of jadeite and nephrite. It is sometimes mistakenly referred to as 'Pikes Peak jade' or 'Colorado jade' because of its close similarity. Amazonite's appearance is unique with its grid-like, mottled, green and white pattern. Amazonite can also exhibit a very faint sheen adding to its uniqueness.

Amazonite is known as a Stone of Prosperity and considered to attract money to financial and business ventures. As a good luck stone, it helps you to be in the right place at the right time for new opportunities. It dissipates negative energy and aggravation, and protects against unfair practices and being taken advantage of. Amazonite is typically opaque to translucent. It very rarely occurs in transparent form. It has a vitreous luster and a smooth shine when polished. Although it is a rare stone, amazonite is still considered a very affordable gem.

Furthermore, Amazonite gemstone is an appropriate stone for Aquarians, fostering vitality for all those who wear it. This gemstone is often worn by gamblers because it said to attract good fortune and luck. When worn as an ornament, it can protect against a wide variety of diseases and ailments. Stones with deeper colors are regarded more intense, and therefore, more efficient in healing. Healers, shamans and medicine men from many cultures have been healing with amazonite gemstones for many centuries. This is mostly useful for healing when placed directly on the injured part of the body.


Silver micro pave amazonite natural gemstone bracelet 7-8'' elasticated

Amazonite gemstone and is suitable for everyday wear. It can be set into point pendulum or pendants for a piece of jewelry with a real wow factor. If you find yourself in a self-devastating situation, and especially after a major disappointment, Amazonite gemstone jewelry will help you to eliminate the irritation and increase the confidence in your abilities and other people.


Amazonite natural gemstone point pendant for necklace

Amazonite angel wing natural gemstone earrings are perfect for stacking; this delicate earring features an organic, irregular shaped multifaceted amazonite gemstone. When you factor in the gorgeous appearance of Amazonite, its healing properties, and its exciting characteristics and along with the fact that you can buy it at a reasonable price, it’s no wonder that this is such a favorite gemstone today.