Apatite is a naturally occurring gemstone, that is mostly unknown to the general public but prized by collectors for its many various colors and forms. Apatite comes from the Greek word "Apate" meaning deceit. This is because of the gemstone's similarity to other stones such as tourmaline, topaz, peridot and various beryl varieties. The most common gem variety is translucent to a transparent semiprecious gemstone that is steadily increasing in popularity within the jewelry trade. Apatite gemstones are relatively soft and not as often used for rings, but are very popular as earrings and pendants because of their unusual intense colors.
Apatite's Gemstone various colors are often due to the presence of rare earth elements. Particularly unusual in sizes over one carat, apatite is a relatively soft gem and when used in jewelry manufacture, is often set into more protective mountings that capture light yet safely display its beauty. All of the apatite's shades add a unique shimmer to jewelry designs. The yellow and blue apatite show off a "cat's eye" effect; tiny parallel inclusions that give the appearance of a thin line, like a cat's eye. The Light green apatite has been referred to as "asparagus stone.”

Apatite is thought to improve meditation, insight, and creativity. Apatite boosts your power, motivation, growth, and ability to achieve goals. It increases your insight, imagination and learning abilities to give you increased self-confidence. It clears away confusion, indifference, and negativity, reducing irritability and awakening your inner self. It stimulates the intellect expanding your understanding, knowledge, and truth; making it available for personal growth or the collective good. Vibrant neon blue and green shades have recently been discovered in Madagascar, making apatite a popular choice for contemporary earrings and necklaces.
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