The name –aquamarine has Latin origin. It is derived from the Latin 'aqua' meaning 'water' and 'mare' meaning 'sea.' Aquamarine gemstone is a cyan (varying from blue to green) variety of Beryl, a single mineral with several types distinguished by their colors. Aquamarine is the gem of the 19th wedding anniversary and the birthstone for March. It is known as the stone of coolness and relaxation and is believed to be the stone of calmness and peacefulness. Look at this sparkling gemstone; you cannot resist falling in love with it. Aquamarine comes primarily in blue shades that cover the entire blue range from light blue to medium blue of the clear sky. No woman on this planet can hate this fascinatingly beautiful gemstone. Aquamarine, as it allows for repeated artistic cuts, is undoubtedly the favorite of jewelry designers.
The variety of colors of this stone is what makes it so accessible and desirable among women, and it has been popular with jewelers and designers for many years. The lighter examples of aquamarine are often confused with Topaz, another gemstone best known for its blue varieties. The aquamarine of lucid blue that is fabulous to look at brings in long-lasting relationships.

Wonderfully shining aquamarine has good hardness-ranging from 7.5 to 8 on Mohs scale. Aquamarine is very hard, durable as well as affordable despite the fact that the costs associated with producing aquamarine are quite high. In fact, it has several distinct qualities that make it unique among all other famous stones. From plain pale blue to medium blue this gem is available in several exciting shades of blue.
The aquamarine can be faceted into many cuts, and it can be transparent as well as translucent. The aquamarine with its variety of colors and appearance is naturally so beautiful that whether it is faceted or not it appears striking and sparkling. Moreover, the hardness of this stone allows designers to deeply experiment with it thereby bringing out the beauty of the gem through curves, fine grooves, edges, notches and a lot of play of various techniques. Other than that, given its ability to be transformed into various cuts it is also used in making of sculptures and other art forms since it enables fine lines and cuts. Whatever your choice is, the main thing is to keep it within your aura for as long as possible during the day. The alluring aquamarine gemstone makes a gorgeous centerpiece for both engagement ring settings and fine jewelry.

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