Peridot has strong associations with Sun energy and was prized by the Ancients for its protective powers that would drive away the forces of darkness. It was believed to cure cowardice, clam angry tempers and brighten the wit.

Peridot is exceptionally useful for healing the heart and calming the emotional body. It is helpful for those struggling with ego issue within a relationship as it soothes hurt feelings and assuages jealousy, resentment and spite. It also teaches us that, in love as in all else, holding onto people and situations from the past can harm our growth in the present. 

As a Money stone, Peridot can be called upon when you need a short term “boost” for your finances. It can bring a much needed injection of cash to a new business venture and attracts abundance in all areas of your life, including finance, love and health. 

Peridot is prized for its ability to balance the endocrine system, especially the adrenal glands. It provides a wonderful strengthening tonic for the liver, the blood and the kidneys. It aids the proper absorption and assimilation of nutrient from food and water and supports the digestive system. 
Holding, as it does, the sparkling, vital energy of the Sun, Peridot is a marvellous antidote to feelings of depression lethargy and melancholy. 

Place Peridot over the Solar Plexus Chakra when you want to release nervous tension in this area. It calms “the butterflies” and alleviates feelings of anxiety, guilt and fear. It also help to balance an impatient temperament.
Peridot can also be placed over the Heart Chakra to clear away negative energies arising from feelings of betrayal in past relationships. It helps the Heart Chakra to open to the frequencies of forgiveness and loving compassion to both self and others. 

Zodiac :
Peridot is the traditional birthstone for the month of August, and the natural birthstone for those born at the beginning of summer (May 21 –June20). It brings exuberance, awakening and learning.
Peridot is the official stone for the zodiac sign of Libra (September 23 to October 22). Librans tend to be artistic, sensitive and respectful. They can also be very strong willed, sometimes overpowering.