Aventurine gemstone is a semiprecious stone that derives its name from the Italian word “a Ventura” which simply means “by chance.” The reason behind this is that the Venetians discovered it accidentally sometime during the 18th century. It is a glowing to opaque variety of quartz which contains platy mineral inclusions, giving the stone a sparkling effect known as aventurescence.
Known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” Aventurine gemstone is one of the most potent gemstones for wealth, good luck. To manifest greater prosperity, it is believed to stimulate dreams and have a positive effect on one’s psychic ability. Like any other gemstone, Aventurine’s color varies and depends upon the minerals present in the quartz and the location it is mined from.
The most common natural color of Aventurine is Green, but it is also found with Peach and Red Tones. The most common hues in which the stone is found in are shades of green, but it can also naturally occur in colors like yellow, brown, orange, blue, red, or gray. These other colors are quite rare to come by as gemstones, as often they do not occur in gem-quality. Though, whatever the color may be, these gemstones always have a glistening or shimmering effect on them.
Whenever a gemstone is talked about, there will always be endless metaphysical properties and beliefs surrounding it. People trust it to be cable of encouraging feelings of well-being among its wearers, which helps in achieving a positive outlook towards life. Aventurine gemstone is also thought to enable feelings of tranquillity along with enhancing one’s courage, creativity, and patience!
Aventurine’s affordability and appearance have always attracted jewelers. Aventurine gemstone is an inexpensive gemstone that is available in many different shapes and styles. Aventurine beads are used in beading projects to create stunning necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in various forms. Furthermore, it’s a charming, classic neck piece that gracefully rests on bringing out the inner shine of the wearer. Aventurine necklace makes a statement through its elegant Pearl set in a simple yet sophisticated style. This necklace is designed to brighten your charm softly which can help achieve an earthy touch in one’s designs or a fun piece by mixing it with a variety of luscious shades of red, blue and green, or a dramatic piece by blending it with jazzy gold, bronze, or silver beads!
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