The name 'chrysoprase' is formed from the Greek words, 'chrusos' and 'prason,' and meaning 'gold' and 'leek,' respectively; referring to its leek-green color and the presence of golden inclusions. They termed this stone for its natural beauty, and the root word of Chrys means gold, while the word prase stands for leek or the green coloration or darker varieties that are often found in this stone. Among the expert, Jewelers is a very precious stone due to its scarcity compared to other varieties of quartz, and also thanks to its beautiful and striking green color, this stone is one of the most treasured varieties of quartz.
The Chrysoprase encourages the search for truth with patience and calm. It is also said to help in marital problems enhancing loyalty, favoring independence and yet encouraging the commitment to keep a relationship healthy and balanced, help in case of jealousy, and nightmares foster hope and understanding and stimulate mental dexterity. Furthermore, it is a stone of courage; it enables you to recognize that you dare to express yourself, leave behind what is not good, love, and courage to get what you want.

There is something very soothing about chrysoprase jewelry. Chrysoprase can appear in many different colors, but one of the most popular and sought after is the green Chrysoprase. Some of them have nickel in them. This creates lovely patterns and highlights the beauty and richness of the green stone. Furthermore, some come in bright green to pale yellowish green and are delightful in necklaces and pendants. With its green color, it is often linked with nature and prosperity, mainly in matters of the heart. It seems suitable that one of its metaphysical properties is healing a broken heart. The stone promotes happiness and joy and is known to dispel negative energies and heal the heart from any past wrongdoings or pains.

Fresh and bright as an Easter egg, chrysoprase is the excellent choice for a spring day. The thick creamy texture of the stone creates a soft focus on the vivid coloring. The color makes you think of apple orchards on summer days and long walks on country roads. Wearing a Chrysoprase necklace reminds you to allow yourself to receive with an open heart, something many of us tend to forget. It brings hope, compassion, and forgiveness, helping you to break any negative cycles.


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