Used in the jewelry of Greek and Roman's civilizations dating back to the 1st century A.D. Natural citrine is yellow quartz. Its' bright, cheery, yellow citrine color has been a major determining factor in citrine meaning throughout the centuries. It is derived from the French word citron, meaning lemon. Sweet is the essence of this fortune-flourishing gem. Citrine has long been remarked for its subtle, honeyed beauty.
A Citrine stone is believed to elevate optimism and energy, and therefore bring you to a place of opportunity, prosperity, and abundance. This gives its name as the money stone. It belongs to most abundant of the gemstone families, Quartz. Citrine as a loose gemstone is a gem collectors' pride. Also, it serves as the best bargain for customized jewelry too. This gem is seen in colors like yellow, amber to amber brown. Pastel lemon yellow to deep reddish brown and amber is the color palette of citrine too.
Citrine has great qualities when it comes to jewelry making; its hardness makes it easy to cut, carve and shaped it into fabulous pieces of jewelry. It also gives a significant amount of bright yellow color to any jewelry piece. Citrine is also available in the deep Madeira red color. It typically depends on the individual which type of jewelry he/she prefers to use. Majority of people prefer the metallic jewelry pieces that provide a shiny appeal for their wedding bands, gold earrings or a silver pendant. This also explains why so many jewelers create jewelry with Citrine.
Citrine stones are remarkable pieces of jewelry because they’ve amazing looks at affordable prices. For the most part, people think of dazzling yellow gemstones when they think of this kind of jewelry, although in actuality citrine represents a range of colors. This makes it easier to find one that's perfectly suited to your tastes.
Think of Citrine Stone as the friend you call when you need a pick-me-up, the one who never fails to revitalize your day. This upbeat stone will be your cheerleader, rooting for you when you need a win. If there are close loved ones who need your support, a Citrine stone is a great resource that you can use to gain the emotional strength to support those around you and also yourself. Use the uplifting moral of the Citrine stone to spread positivity to all you encounter. The increased ability to express yourself that citrine inspires will attract all sorts of new people and opportunities your way. Rid of fear and self-doubt, you can take on challenges with a sense of confidence. You’ll be astonished at the wide selection of choices you can find nowadays of jewelry made with beautiful Citrine stones, from rings to necklaces. The selection is magnificent.
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