Turquoise, with its delicate blue green colors holds a soothing, healing vibration that has been prized by different cultures for thousands of years. It is believed to be the talisman of power, luck, protection and abundance. 
As a love stone turquoise is most useful for generating loyalty and trust between two individuals. As a stone of purification it is beneficial in allowing the wearer to see and understand their own limiting beliefs about love and is releasing these in order to attract the ideal partner or soul mate. Wearing turquoise around the throat and in the ears generates an aura of beauty and grace which speaks to others in a loving way. 
Gentle in its vibration, turquoise is most useful in a financial sense if used in conjunction with a more dynamic stone such as Amber. It is believed to endow the wearer with the gifts of empathy and clear communication, making it a good companion in any financial transaction. Historically it has been used extensively to adorn the rich and powerful. 
Turquoise is s a strengthening stone, making it good for the treatment of exhaustion, nervous anxiety and panic attacks. It assists in the healing of conditions of the eyes and ears and is also anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.
Use turquoise to heal any ailment associated with the breath, such as bronchitis, allergies and asthma.by healing the breath, some people believe that it can cure speech disorders such as stammering. 
The Throat Chakra can be cleansed, opened and balanced by the use of turquoise in a chakra Healing session. It will also benefit the Third Eye Chakra and support meditation. It is especially effective in encouraging shy people to speak out when they need to be heard. 
Turquoise is the traditional and natural birthstone for the sign of Sagittarius.