Garnet is both a practical and a sensual crystal. It helps to ground spirit forces within the physical body and is a stone of strong, intense feelings. Fierce passions and commitment to causes and people.


As with all red crystals Garnet is a powerful ally to those looking for love, especially passionate love. It helps to calm the spirit after a break up and also to relieve emotional pain. If you have gone through extreme emotional despair after the failure of a love affair, Garnet will restore your confidence in yourself and help you to find the courage to try again.


Place crystals of Garnet in the Southwest area of your home to attract an abundance of wealth to your family. Use garnet in jewelry to empower you when making financial decisions. It is thought that a gift of Garnet to a prospective business partner or associate will ensure that they look favorably upon you.


Garnet is believed to have the ability to eliminate toxins from the cells of the body and also to aid in blood clotting.

It is a stimulating crystal and is useful for those with a sluggish metabolism as it is thought to help the body to assimilate and process minerals and vitamins. This stone will also prove useful to those suffering with disorders of the heart and lungs and is even credited with the power to regenerate DNA in some.


Garnet is a powerful balancer for all of the Chakras and will revitalize and purify the Life Force Energy flowing throughout the Chakra system.

It is especially powerful when used to heal or balance the Sacral and Base Chakras. It helps to stimulate the Kundalini of sexual fire at the base of the spine. It also has a strong connection with the pituitary gland so it stimulates and expands awareness and past-life recall.


Those born under the mid-winter sign of Aquarius take Garnet as their traditional birth stone.