Ruby has often been considered the most magnificent of all gems, surpassing both Diamonds and Sapphires in value to some.

Ruby is considered to be an aphrodisiac stone and allows a person to experience all kinds of love on many levels. It has been associated with wild, uncontrolled passion and with a more mystical, metaphysical communion between two people. It is a betrothal stone, very popular in rings of engagement and marriage, and helps to deepen a relationship by encouraging closeness and commitment in both parties.

Ruby carries strong associations with financial abundance. Wear ruby jewelry when you are engaged in any activity associated with your financial well-being to empower and protect you. Rubies are believed to attract money to the wearer, sometimes form unexpected sources. When wearing Ruby be open minded and watchful for new opportunities to increase wealth and abundance.

The rich red hues of Ruby make it an obvious choice in healing any disorders of the blood. It is thought to have strengthening properties for the heart, the myocardium, veins and arteries. Ruby assists women with menstrual irregularities and pain and is considered to have a beneficial effect on the health of the reproductive organs. It is often used in the treatment of sexual dysfunction or infertility. It is also revered by wise women as an aid in pregnancy to older Mothers.

Ruby shares its resonance and vibrational frequencies most closely with the Base Chakra. If the Base Chakra is out of balance, or blocked in any way, this may manifest as lethargy, low levels of enthusiasm and a constant need for stimulation. Correcting the balance with Ruby will bring a strong sense of support and strength, along with renewed energy and a zest for the more physical aspects of your existence.

Ruby is the traditional birthstone for the sign of Capricorn.