Humans have a strong connection to the moon and wearing Moonstone enhances this. The magical properties of the moon are channeled through this stone, keeping us in perfect rhythm with the cyclical nature and the smooth ebb and flow of Life and Energy.

Moonstone is a perfect talisman for Love of all kinds. It encourages nurturing in a maternal sense and also has the power to attract the perfect love to you, just as the moon affects the tides. It is an excellent crystal for new or first love and is also the stone to use if you need to keep your love secret. Moonstone is the ultimate fertility crystal and will enhance all forms of erotic pleasure in a loving relationship.

The pearly hues of Moonstone mean that it represents wealth and abundance in financial affairs. Wearing Moonstone rings or bracelets helps to attract money to the hands of the wearer.

Moonstone aligns the natural rhythms of the body and helps us to utilize our natural energy cycles. It is a powerful stone for women in particular and will aid in the alleviation of symptoms of PMS and menopause. It has a beneficial effect on the hormonal and endocrine systems, regulating and bringing harmony and balance when these are out of sync or erratic. Moonstone is comforting stone for teenagers as it stimulate growth and regulates mood swings due to hormonal upheavals.

Moonstone carries white crystal energy in its vibration making it ideal for use in balancing the Crown Chakra. These energies have an association with our spiritual center and can help to bring a sense of Unity with the Divine if used in Spiritual practices. The purity of this stone makes it ideal for cleansing negativity and impurities form all of the Chakras and balancing the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies to form an integrated whole.

Moonstone is the traditional birthstone for the Zodiac sign of Cancer. All of the moonstone benefits included in moonstone meaning are enjoyed by people born under this sign even more than those born under other signs.