Emerald is the often called the “Stone of Successful Love”. Its energy and vibrations are those of joy and exuberance.


Emerald embodies the qualities of compassion, unity and unconditional love. It promotes friendship and balance between partners and brings domestic bliss. In the ancient world it was dedicated to the Goddess Venus and is believed to ensure security in love.

Emerald can also be used for reviving passion and rekindling the flame in a stagnant relationship. To attract romantic love, wear or carry this stone near to your heart. It can also be a powerful aid to calling back an estranged love if you say the words to the stone and give it to your loved one.


Emerald is a stone associated with mental clarity and memory. It is especially supportive of those who are beginning new business ventures, whether this be an interview for a new job or a business of your own. Carry Emerald at times of anxiety about financial matters as it will soothe and calm any fears you have about a lack of money.


Emerald has many uses for physical health. It is believed to be the best stone to use for treating eye conditions and an eye bath of emerald water will soothe tired and itchy eyes and may help to alleviate infections of the eyes. It is also believed to be very beneficial in managing conditions of the heart and lungs, the liver and the gall bladder.



Emerald is the natural stone of the Heart Chakra. Its energy is especially useful in balancing the Heart chakra and bringing harmony to the emotions. It is especially useful in cleansing the Heart Chakra and releasing blockages or pain from the Heart center.

Zodiac Sign

Emerald is the traditional birthstone of the Zodiac sign of Cancer.