Citrine carries the power of the sun and is therefore warming and energizing, life enhancing and comforting. It is also the ultimate wealth stone, bringing financial health and abundance to the user.

Citrine is an excellent support stone for relationships of all kinds, including those of a romantic nature. It attracts love and happiness like a magnet and guards against heartbreak in love. It provides an effective shield against spite and jealousy, making it particularly helpful to anyone caught up in a “love triangle” situation.

Sparkling yellow Citrine is often called the “merchant’s Stone” because of its remarkable affinity with the acquisition of wealth. Not only does it attract financial abundance to you, it also helps you to keep it. It is a stone of manifestation and abundance, assisting in fast or speculative money making ventures. Carry a piece of yellow Citrine in your wallet or purse to ensure that all of your needs are met and to stop excessive or unnecessary spending.

Citrine is beneficial for those suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as it enhances physical stamina and supports the endocrine system. It is thought to balance the thyroid and also to stimulate the spleen, pancreas and digestive systems. Yellow Citrine is beneficial in treating infections of the kidneys or bladder and may also be used as a panacea for nausea and vomiting.

The golden energy of Citrine activates, opens and balances the Solar Plexus Chakra, energizing this center and enabling it to support the Sacral Chakra just below it. The Solar Plexus is the dynamo of the Chakra system and when it is flowing freely it enables all of the other Chakras to come into balance and harmony. This is essential for good health, both physical and emotional.
Both the Solal Plexus and the Sacral Chakra drive the Life Force Energy that we receive into our auras, energizing the cells of the entire body and enabling the energy to flow through all the body’s systems with ease and health giving vitality.

Citrine is the zodiac stone for those born under the sign of Cancer.