Opals occur in so many places and in so many colors that there is sure to be one that resonates with you and your ideas about the world. Pink Opal is especially useful for women and carries the gentle yet powerful vibration of love from the Highest Source.

Harness the power of Pink Opal if you feel insecure in a romantic relationship. It will confer strength and courage and help you to overcome doubts and fears about your love and your relationship. Pink Opal resonates strongly with Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of love. Making a gift of Pink Opal to you loved one is an act of commitment and shows devotion and trust.

The strength of Pink Opal lies in its deceptive gentleness. Use this crystal to draw money and abundance to you effortlessly. Place it in the Southwest corner of your home in order to attract wealth, and wear Pink Opal as jewelry when starting a new money making venture.

Pink Opal can help to ease many the aches and pains associated with the female reproductive system. It cleanses the blood of impurities and is also thought to be very beneficial to the organs of elimination such as the liver and kidneys. Pink Opal makes a wonderful toner for the skin and an elixir of the crystal helps to soothe tired or itchy eyes.

The loving vibration of this stone means that it can be used very effectively on the Heart Chakra. When the heart Chakra is fully open we are receptive to love from the Divine as well as from fellow humans. Pink Opal also helps to dissolve barriers we have erected through negative self-talk and restore a feeling of confidence and self-worth.

Pink Opal has a strong affinity with the maternal sign of Cancer.