Sapphire is known as the “stone of stones” due to its long association with royalty and with power within human civilizations. It has many excellent properties for both mind and body healing, including its ability to raise spiritual awareness.

Sapphires are stones of attachment and are very popular in betrothal rings as they symbolize love, commitment and fidelity. Blue sapphires also carry a strong vibration to aid in communication and speaking one’s truth, making them a valuable aid to any successful romantic relationship. Wear sapphire jewelry or carry a piece in your breast pocket to attract your ideal mate. Be warned that that sapphires are strongly connected to emotions, so in the unhappy event of a break up it is advisable to remove any gifts of sapphires from a former love.

Sapphires are regarded as being second only to diamonds both in hardness and in value. They are crystals of abundance in many aspects of life, not just finances, and can be used to facilitate difficult financial transactions or to breathe new life into business ventures.

Blue sapphire is especially beneficial for healing the thyroid and for swollen glands. It has long been used as a curative for eye infections and for soothing entire nervous system as the seasons change. It has also been used effectively to alleviate headaches, fevers and issues of the ears, including infections and vertigo.

The blues shades of sapphire are closely associated with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. The vibration and energetic resonances of the darker shades of the stone can be used to balance the Third Eye and to encourage the opening of this psychic Chakra in a safe and controlled way. The paler shades of sapphire are more suited in their resonance to issues around the Throat Chakra. To bring this Chakra into balance and harmony, use pale blue stones all around the head whilst performing a Chakra cleanse.

Zodiac :
Sapphires are the Zodiac Stones of Taurus.
All of the Amethyst benefits included in Amethyst meaning are enjoyed by people born under this sign even more than those born under other signs.