Tiger eye is a desired stone amongst gem collectors. It is an attractive gemstone that is commonly used in fashion jewelry such as pendants, earrings, and bracelets. It is a type of chatoyant quartz, that is so much loved for its metaphysical power and its natural appearance. Its name "tiger-eye" is given because its natural color and black stripes look like the color and stripes of the tiger. The tigers-eye gemstone is black with iron oxide. With staining, the iron oxide gives this stone depth and natural striation of varying shades of golden and yellow stripes. Tiger-eye beads are refined to show their distinctive stripes of pearly luminescence which is caused by light reflecting off thin parallel inclusions in the quartz. Colors range from a rich golden-yellow to dark-brown, as well as red tiger eye.
It is usually yellowish brown or reddish brown, and when polished, has a silky texture. It is this silky or shimmering texture that many jewelry designers and wearers find so attractive and endearing. It is now widely used in fashion jewelry because of its color, appearance, and texture. Of course, the relatively low cost of the stone plays a vital role in this application! Fashion jewelry incorporating this gemstone is quite popular with teenagers and young adults today.

Red Tiger Eye 10mm Natural Gemstone Bracelet

These natural types of beads make exciting jewelry. The gemstone is available in all shapes and sizes, faceted, loose beads, and by the strand. This stone stimulates the will, it allows us to free ourselves from our limits, and we go past our fears to be able to affirm ourselves with more inner serenity.
It reduces stress by bringing more self-confidence. One of the powers of the eye of Tiger is to appease the angry, to regulate emotions and dissolve emotional blockages. The tiger's eye fights depression makes it more optimistic; allow us to assert ourselves, to make decisions. It brings self-recognition as an individual and helps you to become aware reduces fears. Also, friendly relationships are significantly improved by wearing a tiger's eye; it is clear that the fact that it brings more confidence to affect social relations.

Men's Tiger Eye/Lapis Lazuli with Swarovski Skull Bracelet

Furthermore, renowned for its powers of physical and psychological protection, Tiger's eye acts as a mirror, it has the particularity to stop the negative energies and excellent protection talisman against the evil eye, against harmful waves, jealousy, slander. It is also attributed virtues as a lucky charm, worn as a pendant or in the pocket the tiger's eye attracts luck, health, and success.

You can very trendy with tigers eye crystal gemstone bracelet. Its color also allows you to combine it with a myriad of materials, such as silk, suede, leather, charms in gold plate, even with other semiprecious stones such as turquoise, coral, agate, Jasper, among other gems, to create enviable and irresistible designs that will undoubtedly attract money and good fortune to you.